Friday, July 23, 2010

When in the Northern hemisphere, do like Jess

I've been in hibernation for the last few weeks, hammering away at a first draft for my thesis. I've become very comfortable with the regional and ethical food suppliers here in Stellenbosch, so being an integral part of my reality, I tend to forget to share it on The Regional Buffet. Apologies. However, I've found an alternative source of inspiration for you, until I've (in Jess's words) "slain the thesis monster".

Jess is a beautiful friend of mine with a mutual love of food systems. She is currently making her way through a number of inspirational food systems in the Northern hemisphere and I suggest you follow her journey on her blog, Encounters.

After a week in Italy, Jess is spending a few weeks around the UK working with project partners, The Lexi Cinemas (an independent community cinema that are 100% social enterprise and support a number of projects at the Sustainability Institute). During her stay, she has visited some interesting projects around London, is currently spending a week in Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland (one of the oldest ecovillages around) and will be spending some time in Southern England and Wales visiting interesting projects there as well. A curiousty in local food economies means the topic of ethical and earth friendly food systems always seem to find their way into her travels.

Enjoy beautiful people. Until we meet again.