Why should we eat local?
There are many reasons why eating local is more sustainable:

  1. It requires less transport and packaging between food production and food consumption
  2. It means fresher and thus more nutritious food on our plates
  3. Eating locally does more for the local economy and community development
  4. Supporting local providers supports responsible land development and accountability
  5. Local food translates to more variety and thus more resilience in terms of biodiversity
  6. Buying local food keeps us in touch with the seasons

Why have we decided not to eat locally, but regionally?
Stellenbosch farms are currently dominated by viticulture (grape production for wine) and thus do not produce a sufficiently varied range of food to supply us with a healthy and nutritious diet. For this reason we have decided to go regional, but to still source our food from as close to home as possible.

What do you mean by "regional"?
I'm hoping that this experience will help me define what a regional diet entails. This definition is a work in progress. Watch this space.