About This Project

My MPhil research is focused on how to take the actual steps in regionalizing a food economy. Why I consider regional food economies to be sustainable will hopefully become more apparent as this project unfolds. To understand the actualities of a regional food economy, I have decided to regionalize my own diet over the course of the next few months and somehow my roommates have voluntarily joined on. Nice. This means that we will source the food we require for a healthy balanced diet from as close as possible to our home in Stellenbosch, South Africa or put differently, we will aspire to eat only from our regional buffet on the tip of Africa's tongue.

There have been a number of regional food initiatives appearing in Stellenbosch and surrounding regions over the last couple of years, presenting consumers with more sustainable options for filling their plates. Making sense of what to get where and why can be overwhelming. This challenge and blog are attempts to present sustainable options in a more palatable way.

Amongst the three of us, we will be covering vegan, vegetarian and omnivorous diets. We will be going through the process of sourcing regional foods and transforming them into simple, yet delicious meals. Throughout the challenge, we will be sharing our experiences, local sources of sustainably produced foods and successful recipes with you.

- Anri